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@Jbear — honest question

how is the FORCED downing of a commercial plan by a Mig-29 to arrest a journalist the same as the US using its power to have a plane, that it believe at the time 92013) carries a contractor spy who is in possession of millions (potentially) of DoD etc docs, diverted by air traffic controllers . .
the same thing?

the US send an F-16 up when it crossed the Atlantic would’ve at least been the same even though Snowden wasn’t a journalist

I ask because I think Greenwald could make the point better about how outrageous this action is by Balrus (against one of his journalists) but the comparison makes it a huge stretch and almost an attempt to make himself relevant again or like something motivated by animus.

both things weer very bad, but the circumstances were different, right?

Protasevich created a publication app to cover what was going on inside Belarus. Snowden HACKED us computers while working for Dell and stole a wide range of documentation, well beyond what he needed for the NSA issue (a point both he and Greenwald acknowledge, right?). Probably just a function of not knowing what was what at the time, but the point is that in 2013 he is wanted FOR THE THEFT of many government documents, not a single document about he NSA and he had release some of the documents, despite later claiming that the documents would self-release if he was arrested etc.