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how is the FORCED downing of a commercial plan by a Mig-29 to arrest a journalist the same as the US using its power to have a plane, that it believe at the time 92013) carries a contractor spy who is in possession of millions (potentially) of DoD etc docs, diverted by air traffic controllers . .
the same thing?

the US send an F-16 up when it crossed the Atlantic would’ve at least been the same even though Snowden wasn’t a journalist

I ask because I think Greenwald could make the point better about how outrageous this action is by Balrus (against one of his journalists) but the comparison makes it a huge stretch and almost an attempt to make himself relevant again or like something motivated by animus.

both things weer very bad, but the circumstances were different, right?

Protasevich created a publication app to cover what was going on inside Belarus. Snowden HACKED us computers while working for Dell and stole a wide range of documentation, well beyond what he needed for the NSA issue (a point both he and Greenwald acknowledge, right?). Probably just a function of not knowing what was what at the time, but the point is that in 2013 he is wanted FOR THE THEFT of many government documents, not a single document about he NSA and he had release some of the documents, despite later claiming that the documents would self-release if he was arrested etc.

Are you saying the U.S. wouldn’t have scrambled a fighter to intercept the flight if they had made it that far? It turned out the U.S. convinced it’s allies to shut down their airspace instead which is obviously the better option for the U.S. so you could put the blame on those countries later precisely as Psaki did. “you’d have to ask those countries why they did it”.

Not surprised that you are of the authoritarian mindset on Snowden considering your seeming taste for authoritarian dictates when done for the committee approved good of all. I on the other hand have always been for the pardoning of Edward Snowden because he did a huge service for the American people. When you view the Snowden episode through your lens it absolutely looks as if we have two completely different situations but that is the most closed minded, completely non-objective idea you’ve probably ever had.

Obviously the Belarussian government views this journalists activities as something potentially treasonous just as you view Edward Snowden’s leaking of classified materials. By saying what you’re saying here you appear to be condoning a government’s strong arm tactics to capture an enemy of the state when it’s for the U.S., presumably because we’re always right and know what’s best for all the inferior nations…. why should we have rules, rules are for everyone else. And it’s interesting that this is the liberal mindset when it comes to governing in this country as well.