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I am no sure what that means, so maybe I am wrong in my comments about your views. Here’s your chance to clarify and if I am wrong I will apologize

There is no doubt that the Lost Cause existed and even exist today. This is the Lost Cause – “the Lost Cause, is an American pseudo-historical, negationist ideology that advocates the belief that the cause of the Confederate States during the American Civil War was heroic, just, and not centered on slavery”

I believe– but could be wrong – that you have posted before that the Civil War was, in essence, an “heroic” and “just” fight over “state’s right,” not slavery (ie the specific right at issue)?


I recall posting the actual SC declaration, with its direct reverence to slavery, and I think you dismissed it?

No you are not correct because you misunderstand my objections to your line of thinking. The lost cause became the truth to generations of southerners. Whether or not there were some who overtly participated in the war because of racism doesn’t even matter. The fact is that there were a lot of reasons why somebody who often didn’t even own slaves would enlist to fight in a war against outsiders and in defense of their home state. What that became after the crushing defeat of the south “happened”. It became a noble cause if right or wrong it “was”. It’s not me who wants to rewrite history it’s the people on team benevolent good guy. It’s one thing if we end up taking down all the statues and vilify the flying of the confederate flag but another thing to demand a complete (pardon the pun) whitewashing of history.

I think 99% + of Americans can agree that the wiping out of native peoples was a travesty. Slavery was a travesty the crusades, countless unprovoked wars, the spanish inquisition and that racism were all terrible tradgedies. I firmly believe that.

If there is some small thread of CRT that can be saved and will benefit mankind then I hope someone will figure out how to do that but I fear that liberals took it, owned it and ruined it for all time. I’m not opposed to looking at race differently but this militant style of blaming, and attacking people based on race is twisted. Demanding that a southerner can’t take pride in civil war hero’s who they may even be related to is just one example. As usual the left always takes things too far. I disagree with using force on people which is what all this comes down to. Anything that is related in any way to the idea of anti racism is abhorrent.