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its probably hard to think of it in todays worlds, but slavery was easily the most valuable asset in the south. that’s why it was worth going to war over.

and the statutes and base naming was a fiction to try to repair the Union. I don’t have anything against the statutes or names, I have a problem with the false history that they celebrate

and the only reason this even matters is because we are having the same fights today PRECISELY because it was never resolved . . all the way down to reparations (which I disagree with). war comes with a cost for the losers or, stated more commonly, history is written by the winners . . but not in this instance BECASE, in part, Lincoln was assassinated.

There is OBVIOUSLY a historical and cultural link between many Southerners then and many Trumpers now who say there is no systemic racism, when the looting starts the shooting starts etc.