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Energy independence? Sure. America is a net petroleum exporter, meaning we sell more than we buy. So I guess we can stop selling our oil?

Who’s for terrorism? Terrorism is bad and everybody is against it. I’m also against lumping American Muslims in with terrorists.

As for the Russian Pipeline 95% finished under Trump, there isn’t much Biden can really do about it is there? Either Trump couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything about it either. Its between Russia and Germany and its basically finished. Bottom line is that it isn’t really our deal. We don’t control the whole world.

I’m against illegal immigration. I’m also against hypocrisy. I’m against rich American Republicans like Donald Trump talking tough and building walls, and then on the other hand hiring them for his businesses. These rich businessmen can’t live without the cheap labor. What a bunch of hypocrites. We need immigration reform so that people who come here to work pay taxes and are protected by our legal system.

I’m pro-Israel, but the Palestinians are getting the short end of the stick no matter how you slice it. They are getting pushed out of their homes by Jewish settlers. They are living in an Apartheid-like situation. So when you criticize Ilhan Omar is standing up for the Palestinians maybe you ought to recognize that the Palestinians are indeed getting treated like dirt.

Well that’s a start.