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Because it was a wasted pick on a low ceiling player. He is Blake Bortles/Ryan Griff rolled into one. Could have drafted depth linemen. Instead of wasting a decent pick in a three year project player. What the hell is so hard to understand? We aren’t splitting atoms here. It was a crap pick during a super bowl run…Trask isn’t the future of anything good. And when it happens, I will remind you gator chomp honks what’s up. Garbage pick simple as that. Don’t like it? Cry some more. Trask sucks. He will never be a good nfl player. Ever.<br />
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Why are you going on and on about this? The Bucs Superbowl aspirations this year will not be affected by this pick whether Task or someone else. If needed the Bucs will pick up a cheap vet to fill any role required.