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Trump intentionally or impulsively controlled the news cycle almost every day with his insane, signature grievance Twitter blasts every morning. He also INTENTIONALLY made everything about him. He has almost no cabinet and routinely stepped over people he appointed. Think of his CV19 “press conferences”

He was also appropriately impeached TWICE, events that dominated the news for months because of his Roy Cohen style of responding with “witch hunt” etc.

Lastly, partly out of ego, he used rallies to campaign and those rallies were always loaded with vile crap that was always going to control the news cycle.

He was a one man shit show so he was covered that way by a very antagonistic media (because he routinely told Americans they were the enemy lol)

NOW, come back time when Biden goes on National tv and accuses a female reporter of asking tough questions because she is on her periods or mocks a disabled guy

PFFFFFFFTTTTT…… snowflakes