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I really don’t know how many times this has been said over the last 4 years, but yes Trump does have a pretty devoted core of supporters, but most, like me are not as fixated with him as you seem to be. I was speaking to the wife last night and mentioned that if Trump decided to run in 2024 he would have to Primary and I would not vote for him. Now if he won I probably would depending on who the opposition was based on primarily what he did last time in terms of Governing. Definitely would if it was Harris.

I do know some Trump idolaters, but not many. Most people I know take more offence with people like you because of a total lack of objectivity and go after everything Trump said or did without so much as even looking at if it was justified, good or smart. Just look at Biden. Everything Trump did he is against, everything Trump did not do, he is for, no matter the wisdom or consequence of the decision. It’s a disaster.