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seems that the virus did indeed originate from a lab in China. Even the MSM are getting on board with that one.

December of 2019

Your giving One Truth a run for his money

Oh come on Karma… won’t it be a hilarious pie in the face that you will pretend never happened when it turns out it really is the “China Virus”.

In this very thread you mocked Trump’s “China Virus”.

This a great example of the fractured conspiratorial mind or just the strength of the cocoon because you’re conflating different issues

The Trumpian conspiracy is that China (now with the aid of Fauci lol) intentionally released an ALTERED coronavirus, a virus that was subject to a “gain of function” manipulation

That’s Tucker Carlson

It’s has NEVER been confirmed that the virus mutates from a wet market in Wuhan and since at least December of 2019 it’s has been linked to the lab as a potential starting point. Earlier even because the virus discovery is, I think, 2012 (miners clearing a cave)

One of the big problems is that so many of you conspiracy types work backwards. Is it possible that the virus was intentionally released by the Chinese after a “gain of function” alteration to make it more contagious? Sure. Is it possible that the virus escaped through lab workers? Sure. Possible that the wet market is the source? Sure. May never know because China don’t going to disclose an error that killed millions lol. So, fertile ground for nutbags. Soon it will be Hillary’s fault.

None of that relates thought to WHY we have 560k dead, OTHER THAN AS A DEFLECTION. People like you Spartan are the foot soldiers of obfuscation. The spreaders of “quicksand”

“Russia was a hoax” because “Flynn was innocent”

“Trump didn’t mishandle CV19” because “cannonballs are heavy” and the US govt funds NGOs who once worked with the Wuhan lab…,”and Soros”