Stagger Lee

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I do not think it’s a conspiracy except perhaps in some newsrooms like CNN or the intercept.

Except the Hunter thing.


Jbear, what you’re failing to recognize is that Biden has been an objectively (approval rating) better president thus far… in media, what you’re clamoring for is an equivalency bias

and, importantly, objectively less incendiary. Call me crazy, but wehen the POTUS uses twitter to call the media an ‘enemy of the state” and to do all kinds of batshit crazy things EVERY MORNING . . and pushes aside medical experts to talk about injecting bleach etc . . the coverage is NOT going to be the same as Biden quietly fixing the vaccination rollout, passing CV9 aid unilaterally, now working on a infrastructure bill THAT TRUMP REFUSED TO PUT TO CONGRESS UNLESS . .. they withdrew an investigation of him

— before you spill more (non-Trumper, Libertarian) Trump tears, just think about this ONE DIRECT COMPARISON . . . Infrastructure

The INFRASTRUCTURE news story for Biden is ACCURATELY his efforts to bring Republican into a bill that Trump repeatedly touted BUT NEVER PASSED

The Infrastructure news story for Trump was ACCURATELY that he scuttled it HIMSELF in an hilarious fight at the White House with Pelosi and Schumer. This was the headline THAT RUMP CREATED in the LA Times

“Trump, angry over House investigations, blows up infrastructure meeting”


Trump told reporters there that he gave the surprised Democratic leaders an ultimatum, warning that they needed to choose between pursuing infrastructure or their investigations of his finances, businesses and administration.

“You probably can’t go down two tracks,” he said. “You can go down the investigation track, or you can go down the investment track.

You Trumpers (well, not you . . you’re a Libertarian) are the only goofballs who claimed Trump was some kind of political genius, playing 4d chess. The REALITY was he was a FLIPPING POLITICAL MORON . . and worse than that . . completely resistant to any PROFESSIONAL political guidance. He is/was an EGO MANIAC who thinks he knows best . . so he ROUTINELY CLOWNED HIMSELF