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I can’t speak for Karma, but I’ve said that it is likely that the virus originated in China BUT there was other evidence that it showed up PRIOR to the Wuhan outbreak.

Whether it was a lab, or the exotic food market (can confirm this disgusting shit exists, I lived near that region), it may have very well started in China…

Welcome to March of 2020…. everyone knows it started in China Fire.

I think where it originated is important but not for the same reason as many Trumpers that want to use it as a xenophobic tool.

Thus the Asian (hate) crimes.

Calling it the Wuhan virus or Kung-flu is debatably racist, but definitely irresponsible.

It is a global disease. It is covid19.

All diseases start somewhere, yet only a handful have a name assigned by origin…

Sheesh…. Kung Fu is racist now too? This gets me every time. How is it that you guys turn everything Trump says on anything into overt racism. China Virus only becomes a racist slur when you guys figured out that Trump said it and made it racist.

More on this when I respond to Karma’s post below. Suffice it to say, you guys make a ton of racist and bigoted assumptions about the opposition.