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This a great example of the fractured conspiratorial mind or just the strength of the cocoon because you’re conflating different issues

The Trumpian conspiracy is that China (now with the aid of Fauci lol) intentionally released an ALTERED coronavirus, a virus that was subject to a “gain of function” manipulation

That’s Tucker Carlson

It’s has NEVER been confirmed that the virus mutates from a wet market in Wuhan and since at least December of 2019 it’s has been linked to the lab as a potential starting point. Earlier even because the virus discovery is, I think, 2012 (miners clearing a cave)

One of the big problems is that so many of you conspiracy types work backwards. Is it possible that the virus was intentionally released by the Chinese after a “gain of function” alteration to make it more contagious? Sure. Is it possible that the virus escaped through lab workers? Sure. Possible that the wet market is the source? Sure. May never know because China don’t going to disclose an error that killed millions lol. So, fertile ground for nutbags. Soon it will be Hillary’s fault.

None of that relates thought to WHY we have 560k dead, OTHER THAN AS A DEFLECTION. People like you Spartan are the foot soldiers of obfuscation. The spreaders of “quicksand”

“Russia was a hoax” because “Flynn was innocent”

“Trump didn’t mishandle CV19” because “cannonballs are heavy” and the US govt funds NGOs who once worked with the Wuhan lab…,”and Soros”

Another straw man. Hardly anyone thinks that and you know it. You keep trying to make Trump’s “China Virus” comment mean something it doesn’t mean for some unknown reason. Trump was trying to lay the blame for the virus at the feet of the Communist Chinese government. That’s obvious and we can all agree on that right? But Trump doesn’t care how it gets to be China’s fault.

The fact of the matter is it’s much much more likely that it escaped from the Chinese lab which is already a huge embarrassment for a country doing everything it can to prove they belong among the group of world powers. It escaped and was covered up by the communist government because, well, that’s what authoritarian governments do. At first they hoped to contain the virus without anyone getting wind of it but when that failed they sure weren’t going to make it worse by admitting that it was released from a government controlled research facility.

This is just a plausible scenario not definitively what happened.

If some version of this were true it compounds the problem that China was not very forthcoming regarding the reality of the effects of the virus early on. It would squarely put a lot of the blame for covid directly on China. What could poor Trump and the rest of the world do about that?

But why this would (Should) be embarrassing for you and other liberals is that you openly mocked Trump for implying that it was even possible. It wasn’t just a small thing either. You used it to attack his sanity, you used it to call him a racist…. heck you guys still believe things that are completely untrue just like the Trumpers you claim are the only people who do this. This would be a huge black eye for the credibility of all liberals forever and would confirm my craziest theories about the lengths you people will go to to lie and manipulate us into the progressive utopia.