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China Virus only becomes a racist slur when you guys figured out that Trump said it and made it racist.

JavaBear . . a lot of stuff you post is dumb, but I prefer to think of it as creative trolling ;-)

The issue is not just a racist slur, but the potential injury (OBVIOUSLY). This is where you guys (Trumpers, I know . . I know youre not a Trumper) just get outed and POUNDED BY REALITY

I say that (very much tongue in cheek, to be clear) you get outed and pounded by REALITY because you’re in the incredible dumb position of TRYING TO ARGUE THAT A PRESIDENT’S WORDS ARE OF NO CONSEQUENCE when there is news like this today:

“Antisemitic incidents heightened across U.S. amid Israel-Gaza fighting; mosques were damaged, too”

In other words, crazy/dumb people are UNDENIABLY IMPACTED/MOTIVATED by the things they see and here. The POTUS has the BIGGEST megaphone, so if he appears to blame Chinese people for the pandemic, then OF COURSE that contributes to violence’s against Asian when there is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME pandemic that has killed 560K plus and changed everyone’s life for the worst.

Trump said there was an invasion at the border. A loon went down the border and killed a bunch of “invaders” also know as “shoppers.”

Trump said the media was his enemy. A loon tried to bomb members of the media.


The saddest part of all of this is that when he said “CHYNNNA VIRUS” over and over again, he’s just playing to HIS MORONIC BASE for his own political reasons (at rallies, right?) and then its this SAME base who then complains . . after violence. . . about an Asian hate crime law.

How about asking your Furher to just keep his trap shut at his damn rallies and maybe LISTEN to the doctors and lawyers?

Too much to ask of a POTUS? :-)

(and you wonder why that freaking cloven got worse coverage than Biden)