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In other words, crazy/dumb people are UNDENIABLY IMPACTED/MOTIVATED by the things they see and here. The POTUS has the BIGGEST megaphone, so if he appears to blame Chinese people for the pandemic, then OF COURSE that contributes to violence’s against Asian when there is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME pandemic that has killed 560K plus and changed everyone’s life for the worst.

Trump said there was an invasion at the border. A loon went down the border and killed a bunch of “invaders” also know as “shoppers.”

Trump said the media was his enemy. A loon tried to bomb members of the media.

And yet it’s usually not Trump voters who are doing this. Maybe Kanye voters? Anyway, this idea that people can’t handle the truth I find more offensive than someone calling CV the China Virus when we know that’s where it came from. This woke stuff is over the top.

Are we even sure that there are really more Asians getting attacked? I’m asking. Because, in my view what often happens is, people get an idea in their heads and go out looking for evidence even if subconsciously. Like when you get a new Audi and suddenly you see them everywhere. Not sure if this is exactly confirmation bias but I typically don’t go with the knee jerk reaction on anything… especially when politics are involved.