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Well, finish reading it and list the “quote”.

You want a direct word verbatim quote for something I said as a summarization? Um ……

I did point to this directly:

“swaddled in the cocoon of white privilege since you came sputtering out of your mother’s womb”

Being born does involve “sputtering out of your mothers womb” so I’m thinking it says the same thing.

Spartan, you FABRICATED a completely bogus line about CRT saying that “white people and white people alone being innately racist”

You tried to bolder it by attaching it to a black scholar. That was a COMPLETE LIE, right?

I even pointed out your omission in your cut/paste

you then when to, “well, here’s a white woman who kinda sort said it . . maybe , sort of.”

Now you’re on to some other quote OMITTING the words “since” which is COMICAL BEYONG ALL BELIEF in that you appear to have a rather extreme case of “BUGGSYISM,” meaning you just cant bring yourself to say . . “eh, my bad I was wrong.”

Maybe you understand now why my response to your posts is often “lol” or “bwhahah?”