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If you don’t think Muslim terrorism exists in the US which I believe you have stated in the past is my take on statements you have made.

And again, here’s another classic example of you twisting my words around (intentionally or non).

You made a ridiculous claim that there were “hundreds of thousands of Muslims living the US ready to lop off our heads”. Which, naturally, I responded was a bunch of bullshit. From there, you labeled me a “Muslim sympathizer” and that I supported Islamic terrorism.

Naturally, you had nothing of substance to back that up. You simply threw it out there because I didn’t share your bigoted/xenophobic point of view.

It all started when I stated that it is stupid to believe you are going to Muslim Hell by eating pork.

And, right on cue…

As to 1/6 only one person was murdered.

No need to continue moving the goalposts or whitewashing what happened on 1/6. Like I said, based on your history here, you CLEARLY supported the insurrection. I just have a pretty good suspicion that if it were the other way around, your feeling about what happened at the Capitol would be much, much, much different.