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I knew you’d read it that way. I don’t mean that all the crazy stuff is “true”. I just mean it in response to your “crazy dumb people may go nuts if they hear certain things” comment. I’m paraphrasing.

It’s just another authoritarian argument and you use it often. People can’t handle hearing things… so the natural progression is that “we” have to protect them from it by not telling people things.

I know you probably don’t even get it but it’s not liberty. It’s this big brother protection that I have a problem with and I know darned well that you can find real world examples of how my idea of freedom can and probably would have bad outcomes based on society today but it’s still the ultimate goal of someone who thinks like I do about liberty. I don’t need my news censored I want to see it all and make up my own mind…. even occasionally listen to wacko’s like you.