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Spartan, you FABRICATED a completely bogus line about CRT saying that “white people and white people alone being innately racist”

You tried to bolder it by attaching it to a black scholar. That was a COMPLETE LIE, right?

No I didn’t you fucking loon.

As has been pointed out many times, just because you say it’s so, doesn’t make it so. Just because you change things to make them different than they originally were doesn’t make it so.

You throw stuff out from your twitter feed and when someone calls you out on it because it’s a pile of shit, you run around in circles patronizing the responder and change shit to try and make the discussion on your terms to save face.

When you really show your ass you on occasion go and do some research. This demonstrates you do actually have a modicum of intelligence and are not totally lazy. The problem is you just throw shit out there to beat people up because you are a bully and this is your SOP.

Take the Wuhan lab. Us coccoon heads have been pointing out that something smelled and the evidence would tend to point to an origination point of the Chinese labs. 12 months of bwahaha, you ignorant racist, xenophobic morons later, even the WHO, Biden Administration and the infallible Dr.Faucci are questioning the veracity of the Chinese story behind how this was spread.

When the Russians invaded the Ukraine we said “the Russians have invaded the Ukraine.” Was this because we are xenophobic and racist against Russians? When Obama said it, was he trying to instigate violence against Americans of Russian descent? No. It was because the Russians actually invaded the Ukraine.

Likewise when folks, and Trump, said the Chinese virus it was because it originated from a lab in China, and the Chinese Govt was saying it wasn’t. It was his way of emphasizing that point. But some people, who we all know, decided to this, distort it and turn it into some rallying cry to demonstrate how much of a racist pig Trump was.

And fire, if anyone, on any platform is saying the virus was released deliberately, they need to stuff their head in the toilet and flush.