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If you don’t think Muslim terrorism exists in the US which I believe you have stated in the past is my take on statements you have made.
It all started when I stated that it is stupid to believe you are going to Muslim Hell by eating pork. As to 1/6 only one person was murdered.

This biggest danger in regards to terrorism in America in the near future is QAnon.

As for Jan 6, it was an attack on our Democracy. It was an attack on a congress in session when they were counting the ballots. It was spurred on by a sitting President. This happened. Its not disputed.

That ex-President is still to this day leading an attack on our election system and undermining American confidence in our system. This is far more damaging to our country than any destruction of a few doors and windows. Lets keep our eye on the ball here and not forget what the real danger that Jan 6 represents – Its losing our Democracy that so many Americans have lost their lives fighting to preserve.