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That fact check was not definitive by any means. We have no idea what the controls might have looked like. Especially if they are trying to pretend he drove.

In any case I’m perhaps 50/50 on whether he really drove the truck but the truth doesn’t even matter as you’ve been pointing out for some time now. It’s funnier to believe his handlers don’t trust him to drive a car and considering my bias, to me, it’s just as likely. Fact checks are beginning to be a new “woke” issue. You’ll find that funny of course.

I’ve said it before. I don’t want anything censored, I want to see both sides and make up my own mind and your evidence was lacking. Another distinction…. I’m under no obligation to research, read and make efforts to verify anything. I saw a video that aligned with my opinions and was fairly convincing and then I read your fact check that wasn’t…. That’s how freedom works. I can think whatever the %*&$ I want.