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Paul blames a Richard Marx tweet but Trump has no connection to the Asian violence despite dozens of tweets, rallies, news coverage. Trump has no connection to the George Floyd riots. No connection to insurrection. No connection to Texas shooter or FL bomber

Richard Marxx single tweet is more powerful than the tv, radio and social media of the former POTUS and all his surrogates?

You guys have backed yourself into an intellectual hole.

I don’t know Karma. Paul is a pretty savy politician. I think he knows what he’s doing. It’s doubtful that the two things are related but it is possible and I think all he really wants to do is call attention to left wingers who are calling for violence against others. It’s fair to call out the hypocrisy because I always do the same thing. But the fact is, I can’t think of any politicians who aren’t hypocrites when it suits them. Yes that includes team good guy.

What’s really interesting about Paul and what to me makes his criticism fair is that he and his father have always been consistent on condemning violence. That’s what libertarian minded folks usually do and that’s what the Pauls have always done. So while you hear Paul say a lot of shit that makes you mad, I don’t think you’ll hear him condone violence like this singer did and many other left wingers do these days.

That is why I”m so against anti-racism and other recent militant leftist tactics. Because it’s a world changing about face and while I do agree that at least some of the people who think militant tactics are a good idea when they are used to fight other violence that is not how they are being employed on a daily basis in the real world. Even an overt racist is allowed free speech and that concept has been the bedrock of this country since it’s founding. Now you have this idea that has actually become popular among many progressives that as long as you find a target it’s ok to employ violence against them for them simply exercising free speech. I’m including aggressive Doxing in that “violence” umbrella as well.

That is what this is really about and that is why he said what he did.