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Troy Polamalu had plenty of hair and was just fine. Marshawn had long dreads and was fine. Who cares about someone’s hair. If he can be a good special teamer then keep him.

I already said I have no problem with long hair, but not if its a safety hazzard. Huards hair is longer than Polamalu’s or Lynches or any of the probably dozens of players with long hair in the NFL. I don’t care what kind of hair you have. But take a good look at that picture that was posted on PR. This guy’s hair was literally wrapping around his body. And the other difference between Polamalu and Huard is that Polamalu and Lynch was they were stars and Huard is a rookie special teamer who will be lucky to make the team. I’m just going by the picture I saw on PR. Based on that I think it’s too much hair.