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The depth on this team has become pretty impressive. It helps that players want to be on your team because of one guy. I’m afraid our practice squad is going to get raided this season. Hopefully even they will want to stay with this organization instead of signing with another team. The OP’s 53 looks about right. Brad Seaton coming back and looking good is a huge bonus to our OL depth. A few of the practice squad guys have a chance to crack the 53 or will at least see playing time during the year. Bowles seems to be high on Herb Miller, so he should at least be on the practice squad and has a real shot at the 5th corner. Ledbetter looked pretty good after being promoted in December. He should be in the running for a DT spot and they liked Hagan a lot before he got hurt last year. None of these guys making the final roster would be a big surprise. One thing is for sure, this roster is loaded like it’s never been before.