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I’m not a Trask fan, but since we have him, I hope the best for him.

The problem with selecting Trask is he’s not a great fit for the vertical offense because he doesn’t have a big arm. That’s the surprising part about Trask when you take into account his physique. He’s great in short areas when he has top end receivers. I do hope that Trask can work on his mechanics to develop a deep ball as well as become a bit more mobile.

We’re spoiled with Brady because Brady excels with so many different receivers, but also Brady changed this offense to utilize the short to intermediate routes more. We take shots down the field when the defense gives us sliver of an opening. Maybe if the offense remains like it does with Brady at the helm, then Trask might be a good fit. Therein lies the rub, Trask doesn’t have Brady’s experience.

Looking at WalterFootball’s projected 2022 QB’s, there isn’t a lot there right now. I guess the org doesn’t feel there’s any QB worth it in the bottom of the first or second round at this time. Then again, QB’s often get pushed up higher, which is what happened with Trask. This also happened when we drafted Glennon a round early, predicting there would be a run on QB’s.

With Brady here, I would have rather shored up everywhere else, including playing chess with possible player replacements in 2022.

… Drafting players for the wrong scheme
2016… drafted OLB Noah Spence for a 4-3 defense
2018… drafted a run only RB for a vertical passing offense
2020… drafted a non-deep ball arm for a vertical passing offense

Still, now that we do have Trask, I hope his redshirt year proves to be a great learning curve for him mentally and physically. This coming season should be huge for Trask’s development. In 2022 pre-season is when we get to see what we truly have in Trask. We’ve already bit the apple; there’s no need to complain about something you can’t change. So let’s pull for the kid!

I reluctantly pulled for Aguayo when we drafted him in the 2nd round and I’m an FSU fan! hahahahhahahahah I was like… wait, we traded up for a kicker in the 2nd round when we needed OL help?