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Not really a fair comparison to say this happened to one guy, so it’s going to happen to another, but I’ve always thought that Andre Johnson and Jones were similar WRs. Almost overnight that guy.

Calvin Johnson, AJ Green, and Andre Johnson are just a few examples of elite WRs who just hit a wall in their early 30s.

Seems to me that receivers 6’0 and under are more durable and able to play at a higher level into their mid 30s. I guess it makes sense, 230lbs jumping 35″ in the air coming down on your knees and ankles vs 195lbs landing on your knees and ankles… it adds up over the years.

This is why I think Mike only has about 4-5 years of elite production in him left. Hopefully he’s on that TB12 method by now! I want him to retire a Buc.