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He was drafted to play special teams, where he doesn’t have to worry about stuffing the run and can showcase his speed and quickness. He can penetrate on FGs/punts. If he can provide some juice on 3rd down eventually, then great!

Our iDL’s main focus is to stuff the run. That’s why I don’t understand everyone’s infatuation with bringing in guys like Geno Atkins or Jurrell Casey, the guys who will get swallowed up by double team blocks in the run game, who can only really play the 3-tech spot. We had McCoy, who was still somewhat effective… Bowles wanted nothing to do with him.

Use that money on bringing in Melvin Ingram or Justin Houston, and have ridiculous EDGE depth instead. Kick JPP inside on passing downs, and have Shaq and Ingram play on the EDGE. Now that’s scary.