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My take on the article is as follows;

1. Cotton said something that was perfectly legitimate and true. There may be a discussion on the politics of what he said, but it was a perfectly legitimate statement.

2. The press and other commentaries totally distorted what he said and made it into something he did not say.

3. The press and other commentaries then debunked the claim they had just made up.

4. Future references to Cottons comments were then debunked based on the debunking of the comments he never said.

5. The scientific consensus has never been as solid as people have been making out as some folks were afraid that if they spoke out they would be destroyed/vilified.

The “malice” and “deliberate malfeasannce” part in my interpretation is that the Chinese lab was engaged in deliberately changing the virus as part of real research. See the article I posted the other day about the valley thing etc. Whether that research was wise or not …. Both articles address that partially.

When the virus got out the Chinese Govt deliberately and maliciously covered it up to cover their butts.

I am not a virologist, obviously, and all sources are keen to point out that the point of origination is not known for sure, but the evidence is beginning to stack up.

In conclusion, it’s important because I feel that if the Chinese Govt had been forthright from the get go and let experts in, they could have seen the research documentation and he actual research. This would have enabled them to develop a vaccine/treatment a lot faster than we actually did; savings potentially hundreds of thousands of lives.

Now this is personal opinion; As things got worse and the Chinese saw how it was impacting the economies of the West far more than their own, I wouldn’t put it past them to drag it a bit more for their own benefit.