Stagger Lee

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You poo poo sources used to rebut one of your posts all the time, but then you trot out an anonymous sourced report from CNN? Really? CNN???

You’re working under the assumption Mr. Cronkite has self-awareness and isn’t a shameless hypocrite.

The source police routinely pushes stories from shitty, biased sources that lack factual information – like MediaMatters and He’s completely shameless when running his Pirate’s Cove board.

You guys need anger management classes? Lmao

You’re angry (I guess, because it’s absurd) and so you keep rushing to find shit to gripe about (what Fire calls wanting a win)?

Suit yourselves but it makes you look silly because in your case, Buggsy, it has you calling people dumb while getting shit wrong, just like in this thread.

In this specific instance it has a dope who cites Team Trump now griping slong with Kermit about a QUESTION(note the question mark) about whether MCConnell was feeling the heat ….. because the underlying report is based on an anonymous source. I don’t even disagree with the criticism on anonymous sources, you clowns. But hey, you guys are the “premature” clan who called me a hypocrite before I could even respond lol

Maybe have a coke and a smile (dated ref for JBear) and Stfu 😂

Or don’t but good grief …. take a deep breath, life is short … too short for the bs, right? Look at JBear, his posts are legit funny trolling

(“Funny? Funny like a clown, I amuse you?..”