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The issue I have with that theory is that bats living thousands of miles away passed the virus to some secondary species of animal. This animal then hiked 1,500 miles and appeared at the Wuhan wet market all of a sudden infecting people there. This without infecting anything or anyone in between. No currently known jumps from this animal to any other animal and as of yet, no-one has identified what this animal was.

This is part I think you may have of a bit because the virus is discovered 2012 and taken to the lab, reportedly

“The coronavirus may not have originated at a Wuhan wet market last year but 1,000 miles away in 2012 — deep in a Chinese mineshaft where workers came down with a mysterious, pneumonia-like illness after being exposed to bats.

Virologist Jonathan Latham and molecular biologist Allison Wilson, both of the non-profit Bioscience Resource Project in Ithaca, arrived at their finding after translating a 66-page master’s thesis from the Chinese medical doctor who treated the miners and sent their tissue samples to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for testing.“