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His arm is as strong as Brady’s , and Brady led the NFL in throws 20 yards or more , last year

And like Kurt Warner said , 99% of all throws are under 40 yards

Trask arm is fine .

Wow. Gonna use 40 yards + as your metric for deep throws, huh?

Welp, back on earth, people do track what a deep ball is in the NFL. It’s called the deep ball project. Deep balls are balls that have traversed at least 20 yards from the line of scrimmage to its target.

Last year with the Bucs, Brady ranked 15th most accurate deep ball passer. Now, this is surprising. Man, we did throw it deep quite often and more than I thought. I’d have to say that TE Gronk was also a huge part of that as we incorporated more TE passing.

20 yards + pass attempts

    2019 Winston 31/84 comp; accuracy 37/84 (44.05%) 21st most accurate
    2020 Brady 35/88 comp; accuracy 45/88 (51.35%) 15th most accurate
    2020 Mahomes 22/61 comp; accuracy 36/61 (59.02%) 3rd most accurate

Brady threw more 20+ yards than Mahomes or Rodgers (71 attempts).

36-40 yards pass attempts

    2019 Winston: 6/12 comp; accuracy 6/12 (50%) 8th most accurate
    2020 Brady: 5/9 comp; accuracy 6/9 (66.67%) 9th most accurate
    2020 Mahomes: 1/10 comp; accuracy 5/10 (50%) 15th most accurate

Wow. Brady is more accurate down field than Mahomes or Winston.

40+ yards pass attempts

    2019 Winston: 3/10 comp; accuracy 2/10 (20%) 24th most accurate
    2020 Brady: 5/16 comp; accuracy 5/16 (31.25%) 24th most accurate
    2020 Mahomes: 4/9 comp; accuracy 5/9 (55.56%) 8th most accurate

Brady took more shots beyond 40 yards than Mahomes? You think Trask has the same arm as Brady? Right now, nope. I do hope in the future he can develop it, but very unlikely.