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His arm is as strong as Brady’s , and Brady led the NFL in throws 20 yards or more , last year

And like Kurt Warner said , 99% of all throws are under 40 yards

Trask arm is fine .

That’s exactly it. Brady doesn’t have Mahomes/Allen/Rodgers arm strength, he never has.. and at age 43 he executed BA’s system pretty damn well I’d say.

Everyone likes to say how BA’s offense is vertical… yeah for sure he loves to take his deep shots, but if the running game is working he’s going to run it and run it and run it… he wants to run it more then pass. You saw that in the playoffs.

Dirk’s offense was much more vertical IMO. BA wants to run the ball and take deep shots off PA.

Last season’s offense wasn’t Arians’ vertical offense. Brady changed it to resemble more like New England’s offense except with a few deep shots per game. Arian’s first year with Tampa, that was the typical Arians’ vertical offense as Winston followed all the other QB’s with high interception rates.

Let’s not have rose colored glasses here about actual history. Arians is “no risk it, no biscuit.” Brady is, “I’ll take what the defense gives me.” Brady won out, but he had TE Gronk as another factor for changing the offense.

Brady’s got an arm and it’s a shame you say he doesn’t. Ask Scottie how many times Brady’s gone deep? smh

Any NFL QB can physically make the 40 yard throws Brady tossed to Scooter, or Godwin in the playoffs for example.

Are you trying to tell me Brady’s got elite arm strength? He doesn’t. He has an NFL arm for sure, he can throw it with some zip.. but you’ll never see Brady running to his left and throwing a laser cross body like Mahomes or Allen. There’s a reason Brady was a 6th round pick.

Elite arm talent is a little overrated if you can’t throw with touch, if you can’t read a defense, if you can’t process quickly and go thru your progressions, and if you can’t throw with accuracy.

I agree with Pennywise, if Trask is a bust it won’t be because of his arm strength.