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I disagree with your characterization of the bill for starters. What I know about the bill I agree with. I’m also sure the courts will figure it out.

Look, I’ve said this before. I don’t think things should be censored on Social media except for the obvious, threatening violence, nudity and profanity. I’m also, just like Justin Amash not for Federal regulation as many Republicans seem to be now. They seem to be putting the argument as just a standards thing but I find that hard to swallow. I’m all for standards but I fail to see why they need to be bestowed monitored and applied by the federal government.

I think the Florida law is an interesting development…. as far as I’m concerned it has nothing to do with Trump. I don’t give a crap if Trump tweeted that something like this would be a good idea or whatever other rationale Nancy’s talking points memo tells you to hammer home on. The fact is, what’s going on now is not working.

It’s mind numbing that so many liberals seem to think the way these social media companies are applying censorship is “great”. There are many examples of them screwing things up. Even the laptop story I find extremely difficult to believe that an objective liberal actually thinks it was a great idea to censor a news story the way they did it. Even Jack Dorsey admits that they screwed up.

Then this happened a few days ago…


I think this kind of stuff is bullshit. it’s definately a form of mind control and just sickening.

This coming from a person who’s entire family is now vaccinated including my 13 year old son.