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I disagree with your characterization of the bill for starters. What I know about the bill I agree with. I’m

You can figure it out for yourself but they would probably start with a desire to read. I say that because if your read my original post or the link here (by a FL attorney) your see that there are two UNIQUE gestures that make the law a joke:

1) the law on this issue is actually a prior FL case, meaning the contours of the law were actually created by an identical case right in FL

2) they carved out Disney. That’s significant because under the law they basically condemned the law to death by doing so. That exemption. Complete undercuts the constitutional argument.

This two issues are the reason it’s a con job to raise money. If you doubt that you will see I posted DeSantis’ actually fundraising page LINKED directly to this issue

So, why should you care @JBear?

1) you’re paying for the con

2) you might look like a dyed in the wool Trumper… and we know you wouldn’t want that … being a libertarian and all