Stagger Lee

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Censorship is bad, except the right has been doing it for decades so…

Cry me a river when a private company says a member violated terms of service.

FFS, some schools still ban Catcher in the Rye

It’s the almost willful ignorance on this issue – meaning the actual distinction between 1st and private networks is widely discussed in the media – that makes one have to wonder if MAGA masses are conned or just willing footsoldiers. They give money to this BS like crazy.

My guess – reflected here quite a bit – is that EVERYTHING is an “us versus them” surrogate.

“Matt Gaetz may be a pediphile who appears to be calling for violence … but he’s one of us, so ….”

“Trump might be an egomaniacal whack job criminal who nearly overthrew the govt and continues to try to overthrow the govt… but he’s white and he’s the protector of all things white, so…”