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It is starting to sound completely bonkers. People have been eating all this crap for thousands of years and we haven’t had an outbreak like this possibly ever but at least since 1919… so an entire century and oh yeah…. there is just by coincidence a Chinese lab doing research on this same type of Virus in the same community.

Occam’s razor alone should have told Karma and Fire that it might not be racist to suspect it actually came from a lab and got covered up…. then again, nobody ever accused those two of being smart or objective.

There’s nothing racist about holding the Chinese government accountable. I’m sure you agree that blaming a Chinese or other Asian person for Coronavirus is racist. Did someone say it was a racist theory? If they did they were wrong. When people are taking a swing at an Asian person on the street, that’s racist, right? It sounds like its a real possibility that this thing escaped from a lab and China covered it up. What does that have to do with the price of eggs in China as far as racism goes?