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Heard he had 20,000 rounds at home? Crazy if true.

Not necessarily.

Depends on what he shot.

The price ammo fluctuates depending on current events and the current politic climate. The current price of 9mm ammo is 75c for 1 round for cheap crap to $1 per round.

I have a couple of thousand rounds of 9mm of good stuff which I bought at about $250 for 1000 rounds. It allows me to ignore the current price spikes yet still maintain a practice schedule which you need to keep your skills.

I also shoot, for different reasons 270, 308, 556 and 380. So if you stock up when the price is right as they say, it can easily stack up. Personally I think the most I have had is 10k rounds of different calibres. IIRC correctly I have bought about 800 new rounds in the last 3 years. I have lived on my opportune buys, but I can see how 20k rounds can be “legitimate” if the opportunity arises. And for the record it’s very easy to shoot a couple hundred rounds each time you go to the range.

Great points, @spartan

Like you said, it’s not as much as it may sound.