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Trump lost money allegedly, even with abusing his power and writing himself a tax break.

This is somehow a good thing, even though we can’t prove it?

Obama’s made a ton of money legitimately (as did the Clinton’s in the article I outlined)… the meme implies they made it nefariously, and it isn’t even implied (see the posters all caps post).

The meme shows only HRC so it makes it seem like they’ve made all that money in the past 5 years when, as I showed they made plenty of it legally.

The Clinton’s no doubt are corrupt and have been hiding their net worth (also what the article outlines… which stands to reason they lied about it prior to his POTUS run (again to differentiate from their wealthy opponents). Seems reasonable but you’ll cherry pick that they are lying about it now but somehow not then? Again this takes critical thought so it is probably beyond you…