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Why is realistic somehow always synonymous with negative??? Realistic can certainly be positive as well. The ‘realistic” outlook this year is absolutely positive.

Amen! It is odd that those that are pessimistic or cynical always claim they are realistic. With all the issues the Bucs faced last year they faced the same negativity “reality”?
Oops! Their reality was 100 % wrong!!!

One makes a choice on what side of the fence one resides. Ever wonder why those that are optimistic/proactive always seem to be successful?

Was I one of the negative people last year? No. If I was negative all the time, then you would have a good point. But I’m not, so you don’t. And I’m not even being negative about this year. I’m not making any implications about that. We have as good a chance as anybody.

So worrying about father time is being optimistic? YEH RIGHT. LOL