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I think the only way Brady retires after 2021 is if we do repeat. Would he want to come back for a chance at a threepeat? I have no doubt. But going out on top 2 years in a row on a new team would be very tempting indeed.

If it were upto him he’d play til he’s 50. Theres no doubt father time remains undefeated(& always will) but he isnt coming for TB12. At least not this year!

I agree Brady will stick it out this season barring a major injury because he’s made that commitment to the team and to himself.

But I don’t see Brady pulling a Drew Brees and keeping the team in limbo for months while he tries to make up his mind. After this season, and its just my prediction that its going to be one with some physical struggles, he’s going to make a decision. Either that decision will be to retire or move forward for another year. But I don’t think he’s going to hem and haw about it like Brees did.

Brady is too high profile of a guy, and the NFL doesn’t need to spend three months of the offseason with Brady debating whether he wants to retire or not. We don’t need that. The NFL doesn’t need that. America doesn’t need that. I’d like to think that when the season is over he’s going to make a quick decision one way or another.

And since I’m allegedly the bad news guy, I’ll give you the worst news. The odds of the Bucs winning the Superbowl are 7 to 1. Those are very good odds! Only the Chiefs have slightly better odds. but that still means its much more likely that we don’t win the Superbowl again. Its obviously a tough road for every team to win a Superbowl. But I also make the easy prediction that the Bucs will play some good football and it will be a fun season for the fans. I predict we won’t think “here we go again” when Jameis Winston throws a pick six in the first quarter. The Bucs will give it a good run this season, and if we get it done in the end that’s great. But I’m not going to be the one wailing and moaning if it doesn’t happen.