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Trump allegedly lost money while President, because he was fighting the deep state.

Obama and HRC (or I guess we are starting with Bill, despite the image) all made money because they are evil.

Even if Trump lost that much, which I’m not even sure he was worth that much to begin with, it has nothing to do with his altruism.

He did everything in his power to help his networth. It is well documented… hell, the tax break along saved him millions.

Are these the insightful points you want me to address? lolz

You’ve gone from “disinformation” to rationalizing you not knowing reality, only after being shown you don’t have a firm grasp on said reality. The bottom line is you had no idea how accurate the meme was, which surprised nobody, and why you ignorantly posted it and called it disinformation. Again, most people with a modicum of shame would simply admit their error and shrink away. Not you people. You continue to act as if you’re the superior thinker and everyone else lives in their cocoon – when you’ve proved the exact opposite.

You dipshits can have the last words, as you need them desperately.