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I ran the CCC once. Going up that bridge was MURDER.

Best I can tell, the CCC, is a French 100 mile run. So, your a ultra-marathon runner?

The part of the CCC that goes over the bay is a little over 9 miles, so not even close.

Nine miles isn’t too shabby. I know I’ve ran a 15k that had the hardest hill I’ve ever ran. I kind of take pride more in my hill running than running a marathon. Before this run, I always noted that I’ve never stopped when running a hill. Towards the top of this one hill, which had steps on it . . . I literally could not run any further without putting my hands on the ground. It was so steep there, I had to climb up the rest of the way!

9 miles is about 14.5 kilometers so I guess running the CCC could be considered a 15k. Especially having to run up that bridge. That more than covers the final half mile on flat land. I won’t do that again.

I take it you hate hills!

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