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Robbery, assault, larceny, and burglary all down (per your article).

There are conflicting numbers, as the Portland Police Bureau (using NIBRS) and UCR data are reporting differing numbers. The explanation is in the article:

Portland Police Bureau, which publishes crime data from the National Incident-Based Reporting System on its website, shows there were 5,438 burglaries in 2020. That’s about a 30 percent increase from those recorded in 2019.

UCR data is an aggregate aggregate of monthly tally of crimes, while NIBRS data tends to dive deeper due to its ability to provide more circumstances and context for crimes and whether the crime was cleared, according to the FBI.

Portland Police Bureau’s Strategic Services Division also said the state and FBI have reporting deadlines and their reports are based on the information they had as of a specific date.

The NIBRS data is supposed to be more accurate, and I can see why you’d gloss right over that.

What a wonderful Democrat-led, soy boy haven Portland is.

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I said I was done pwning you in the other thread, not this one. Does absolutely everything have to be excruciatingly broken down for you, Mr. Mayor? FFS…