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Glad you are not in the chaos.

I agree they are scum,

but they need to be reigned in.

Imagine if they were in your neighborhood.

You would want it stopped.

51 days is a long time to allow civil disobedience to continue.

Seriously. Look, whatever your politics are that’s fine. If you want to control immigration, lower taxes, smaller government, stronger police, more prisons…. whatever. Those are your conservative political stances and that’s fine. But DUDE!

Benito Trump wants a political dictatorship and he’s angling to get one. This is just another statement toward that end. How can you not see that? He’s telling people he thinks he’s getting re-instated in August. He’s still hanging onto QAnon as it gets ever stronger. He has been trying to destabilize our Democracy. It includes Jan 6 but it started the millisecond he pondered the idea he could lose the election and it continues through today. This is insanity! What is wrong with you all? How can so many of you go along with this? You are just willing to throw our Democracy into the trash. Its sad. Disturbing. Tragic. Maddening.