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What I want to hear from you is the plan. If we all accept there is systemic racism, how do we get to a point where people accept there is no systemic racism?

this ^^^ is what I called the dismissive response. Its akin to the gun talking point “how are you going to do it (without impacting me)?”

The problem is roughly 400 year old? Ensconced in the fabric of society despite a Civil Ware and a Civil Rights movement. White people who still routinely point to a black friend or family member as proof they aren’t racist or who or that black people are the actual problem.

Maybe lets just start with a little open-minded awareness before we get to comprehensive plan to eradicate centuries old problem by 2022. How about you start by convincing JBear that there’s systemic racism in America (Maybe show him his Tim Scott quote) or by admitting YOURSELF that no credible representative of the entire African American community says “white people, and white people alone, are innately racist?” Probably asking too much for you just to admit the quote was fake.

can you do that?

hell, maybe just swear off FauxNews for a month? I kid, I kid