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What should be of concern to you and every American is that Trump allegedly thinks he will be back in office in August. This report is by the NYTimes.

Oh, if the NYT says so …

Sorry to be flippant because you are one of the more reasonable folks on this board (in the opposition camp :) ), but it really doesn’t matter what Trump thinks. He cannot be “re-instated” and he won’t be “re-instated”. Even if a few thousand QAnon descend on Washington I am pretty confident they will be outnumbered by the Police and National Guard a million to one. Likewise, even if you consider January 6th as an “armed insurrection” despite the lack of so much as a single “arm”, I am pretty sure the security in and around the Govt buildings, Congress in particular will be tighter than a ducks arse this time around. But, let’s just say for argument sake they do manage to take control of the Capitol building. Then what? You think the Military and going to say, OK, you got us now? Or are they going to say not just no, but hell will freeze over before we obey any order you give?

Politics aside, let’s look at this from a logical perspective and realize it ain’t going to happen.