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Moving on from Marge’s usually offering of . . NOTHING


the Intercept claimed that Greenwald CONCOCTED his exit “dispute” because they were engaged in a real dispute about exactly what I have said: that Gruenwald has decided to cash in his REPORTING ‘cred” for being a mini-Faux news click machine.

Its not that he is some arch conservative. The DB refers to him as a leftist, its that he is a SELL OUT (ie, former reporter turned click bait)

You “refute” that with th classic FAUX OUTRAGE article by Grerenwald?

That makes no sense, just like the article, which distills to:

1. the color coded terrorism warning system used by DHS were not specific
2. Obama’s changes didn’t make it any more specific
3. ERGO, its all really a . . . MIND CONTROL CABAL (fake, just designed to keep you needing Big Govt)

THTA . . that ^^^ 1-2-3 . . .is what you posted to say Grewnwald does NOT sell faux outrage?