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the Intercept claimed that Greenwald CONCOCTED his exit “dispute

“When Hunter Biden’s long-lost laptop became a public issue after Rudy Giuliani shared it with the New York Post, Greenwald proposed writing about it and Betsy Reed agreed on condition that the piece would contain actual reporting, not just opinion, and that Greenwald would submit it to an editing process before publication—terms he accepted. However, after he filed the piece to Maass, his nominal editor, Greenwald strenuously objected to Maass’ extensive notes (also posted on Substack) calling for changes, deletions and more facts.

At that point, according to three sources, Greenwald’s Intercept co-founder Jeremy Scahill read the draft of the Biden piece and made detailed recommendations of revisions designed to satisfy the concerns of both Maass and Greenwald. The sources said Greenwald largely agreed with Scahill’s suggestions to fix the piece, but instead of submitting a new version, he simply withdrew it, explaining that he had already made the decision to leave the Intercept for Substack—a move he announced the same day as his resignation, leaving former colleagues to believe he had been secretly negotiating a lucrative deal with Substack all along.”