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Chris Simms picked against the Bucs in the Saints game, the Packer game and the Chiefs game. Yeah he’s a real genius.

I suppose posters like Boid fink did not watch many gator games, when Franks went down to injury the gator offense was totally different under Trask. He was incredibly accurate with his throws and I did not see or notice any lack of arm strength with his throws down field, seemed to drop dimes. I personally would have chosen Trask over first round pick Mac Jones. Jones was surrounded with an all star cast at Bama.
As for this poster Boid fink, how about growing up just a bit and not calling people names because they disagree with you, I’m assuming your a grown man and not a child.

Trask had two first round receivers in his offense as well.

Again, if Chris Simms isn’t on board with a QB out of college,then that QB is not going to succeed. I’ll give you a dollar if you can find me one example where this isn’t the case. He’s damn near 100% on pre-draft calls.