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Also keep in mind the skill in the studio engineer mixing/mastering. I’m learning how to do much of that and it is crazy hard

It’s way more difficult than one would think.

I’ve recorded a number of Def Leppard, Motley, and EVH guitar tracks.

Recorded the rhythm and leads, with a good friend laying down bass.

Only imported vocals and drums.

Took us days just using ProLogic and that’s not factoring in the time spent using Final Cut, since we visually recorded it as well.

The professionals are artists themselves.

Correct Both recording in and out of the studio are superb as is the guy that takes care the video. They have requests from all over the world to perform and have escaped
the corporate leeches and grifters of the industry. Oh the founder Tim does have original music which can be found at their site.

How about a live rendition of newer stuff…