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Correct Both recording in and out of the studio are superb as is the guy that takes care the video.


I saw a great analogy that the artist is like a RB, and the studio engineer is like the offensive line. Thought that was great

Great comparison.

And, yes, having expensive equipment helps.

Personally, when recording, I mainly run everything through a Line 6 Helix direct into a MacBook Pro (non-recording, I’ll run the Helix through QSC monitor).

I think ProLogic/Final Cut are worth every dollar and not super expensive by any means. The Helix wasn’t cheap, but it’s allowed me to sell off my pedals and amps.

I know the traditionalist would slam me for not having any authenticity, but my setup is more practical.

Honestly, the bulk of my money is in my guitars. And, the bulk of that is really on two.

And, that’s both of my Jackson PC1’s. I have one set to standard tuning and the other a half-step down.

Greatest guitar I’ve ever played. I’m actually selling everything else with the exception of a Les Paul I’m keeping, because I literally don’t touch anything else.

Hoping to get one of them signed by the man himself!